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Royal Wedding: Locals Near Windsor Castle Abuzz As The Big Day Nears

WINDSOR, England (CBSNewYork)The big day is almost upon us.

The wedding is still three days away. We now know what roles Prince George and Princess Charlotte will play in the big event. In all, there will be ten members of the wedding party, including the couples godchildren and their friends children.

Locals are setting up, tourists are checking in hotels, and everyone is excited to see the royal bride and groom on the big day.

Immediately after Harry and Meghan tie the knot in Windsor castle Saturday, theyll ride in a horse drawn carriage through Windsor. CBS2s Ali Bauman is there, at whats known as the Long Walk.

Royal faces are in windows, on flags, and even playing cards through the streets of Windsor, Bauman reported.

“Were not going to see anything else again like this, so I think its fantastic,” Windsor resident Ali Grime said.

By the castle gates, locals drink at a 200-year-old pub call The Two Brewers. Its walls are decorated with history, which now includes the new couple.

“The tourism has increased tenfold,” said pub manager Stuart OBrien. He expects roughly 90,000 people to pass by Saturday, and is hoping most are thirsty.

As for when Harry and Meghan ride past in a carriage following the nuptials?

“Everyone goes out, gives a little wave, raise a toast, then come back and continue the party for the night,” he said.

“Nobodys going to miss it if theyre buying a drink,” Bauman asked.

“We will close the bar. Well close: Everyone out, lets have a look,'” he said.

While Britons prepare to host, tourists are still flying in. Bauman caught up with a few on her flight from Newark to Heathrow Airport Tuesday night.

“Its better than, like, seeing it on TV,” said Emily Gurk, a tourist from New Jersey. “My mom said shes gonna wake up at four in the morning to watch it, but well be right there the whole time.”

“My husbands British, my familys British,” said tourist Crystal Kattenhorn. “Im a royalist. I love it.”

Windsor is waiting for them with enthusiasm.

Many residents of nearby townhouses are actually renting out rooms in their home to tourists this week. People Bauman spoke to said theyre going for up to $6,000 a night. Of course, many people told Bauman theyre inviting a bunch of friends over instead and having a big party to watch the parade pass by, because they cant put a price on experiencing this bit of history.

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