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Raccoon Scales Skyscraper, Becomes An Instant Social Media Star

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (CBS Local) – A raccoon spotted in Minnesota Tuesday morning scaled a building and is now 20 stories up.

The critter was first spotted at the Town Square building in St. Paul, huddled in a nook above the sidewalk.

This poor raccoon apparently got itself stranded on a ledge of the Town Square office building in downtown St. Paul, likely on an errant mission to raid pigeon nests on the skyway over 7th Street. It's been there for two days now, without food or water. @mprnews

— Tim Nelson (@timnelson_mpr) June 12, 2018

When building workers attempted to nab the raccoon from the ledge, it scurried over to UBS Plaza. Thats when it started climbing.

Eventually, the raccoon settled into a nook next to a window about 20 stories up.

Naturally, someone who is decidedly not the raccoon has started a Twitter account on the critters behalf.

Meanwhile, someone who also is decidedly not the raccoon started a rival Twitter account.

What do I like to eat most?

— MPR-Raccoon (@MprRaccoon) June 12, 2018

Just before 3:30 Central time, the raccoon climbed up another story, then settled for another rest on a window ledge.

Animal control officials then announced their plan of action.

RACCOON UPDATE: City spokesman for animal control: “Weve been in touch with wildlife organizations. … Were hoping it gets to the top so we can set a trap for it there.”
Animal control officer was unclear whether the raccoon would be physically able to come down on its own

— Tad Vezner (@SPnoir) June 12, 2018

[H/T CBS Minnesota]

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