Pretty Little Thing is back with the see-through trousers no one asked for

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Pretty Little Thing is back with the see-through trousers no one asked for

(Picture: Pretty Little Thing)

Clearly taking a leaf out of Topshops books after they launched a pair of see-through trousers, Pretty Little Thing has come out with their own.

Yes, thats right, the folks at the fashion brand thought it might be a good idea to wear transparent, 100% plastic trousers during the summer.

Your look will be anything but transparent in these trousers, girl, it boasts on its site.

The trousers could be all yours for a mere sum of £30.

Well, at least youre bound to turn heads.

Credit: Pretty Little Thing

(Picture: Pretty Little Thing)

Team up with hotpants and a crop top for a look that we are crushing on, advises the website, which is a pretty decent shout considering your knickers will be on show otherwise.

If you are planning on getting your hands on the trousers, you might need to make sure you give the granny pants a miss.

Credit: Pretty Little Thing

And one from the back obvs (Picture: Pretty Little Thing)

And instead of shaving up to your knees or around the ankles for cropped jeans, you might need to explore new hair removal methods.



Or equally, make a body positivity statement and go au natural.

Credit: Pretty Little Thing

This could be you (Picture: Pretty Little Thing)

Understandably, people arent too pleased with Pretty Little Things desire to have everyone flash everything.

Why does pretty little thing insist on selling clothes that are see through? I want to look good, not flash the world? wrote one Twitter user.

If anythings below £20 on Pretty Little Thing its guaranteed to be see-through, theorised another.

On the plus side though, at least spillages wont reck them.

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