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7/10 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

By Giorgio Panetta

CBS2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Today is our little hiccup of the week.

There is a chance for showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon/evening, following the cold front passage. However the cold front is on a mission and rolls through quickly. Clearing will occur by late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

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The rain wont take away from the heat today as we will continue on the warming trend. We started out at balmy 70 degree temps and will get up to low 90s. It will be more humid today, however it wont be oppressive.

The humidity will start to come down a bit tomorrow but a trace may stick around throughout the week.

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Chris is still churning out in the Atlantic so rip current risk will stay moderate to high throughout the week. Be safe if visiting the beach!

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