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WWE Wrestler Xavier Woods Hilariously Documents Excruciatingly Long Flight Experience

Ryan Mayer

WWE wrestler Xavier Woods, part of the tag team group “The New Day” headed to the airport for a flight on Thursday. Everything seemed normal as the airline boarded the plane for what was supposed to be a 2:55 pm flight. But, once all the passengers were on the plane, things started to unravel.

Been sitting in an airplane since about 2:25pm…. We still haven't taken off. I'm pretty sure they have just decided to cook us. So many people are dripping sweat. Goodbye forever.

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 9, 2018

Woods decided to have some fun with the situation and proceeded to provide a “Captains Log” with exaggerated passages of time while explaining what updates were being provided on the status of the flight.

Day 31
We have now been told that the pilots are out of time and shall be leaving so we have to wait for a new crew. I haven't felt the wind on my face in so long. I wonder what the world is like now?

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 9, 2018

Day 86

One of the flight attendants just sprinted all the way to the front of the plane. Is something wrong? Is she doing wind sprints? Am I hallucinating? Am I even on an airplane?

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 9, 2018

Day 112

We have received word that things should be fine soon. Or that they also may not be fine soon. We have been told we can leave to go get food in the terminal but also that as soon as they are told we can leave then they are leaving with zero warning. My brain… It melts

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 9, 2018

As youd expect, the longer the wait dragged out, the more restless the people on the plane became. Woods documented his fellows passengers descent into madness as he continued the log.

Day 168

People are starting to spiral. Some are leaving, some are crying, some are screaming obscenities, there was a child here at one point but now its nowhere to be found. I think something on the plane is eating us. I am living inside the breakdown of humanity.

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 9, 2018

Day 205 (live)

The current stench inside this festering tube of filth has reached another level. It smells as if a rotting garbage can was tossed into a larger can of also rotting garbage that has been cooking all day inside of an industrial sized crockpot.

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 9, 2018

Day 248

A PILOT HAS ARRIVED! He walked into the plane while people cheered, kissed, someone threw underwear at him. But the cheers came to a halt when someone said "He can't take us alone, he's the co-pilot". So we waited, and waited. This mysterious "Pilot" may just be a myth.

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 9, 2018

Day 283

The plane is fine. Its filled with gas. It's filled with hungry, sweaty, angry people. We seek a hero to save us. His name is "Pilot". They said he was coming but he's not here. The only logical excuse would be that he was eaten by the monster that ate the child earlier.

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 10, 2018

Day 316

I heard glass breaking in the distance then he appeared. The Pilot walked on the plane but the people had already soured. At this point we who were once civilized and clean were now savages covered in filth. We stared at him in disbelief as he walked to the cockpit…

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 10, 2018

Now that the pilot was finally on the plane, youd think things would get better right? Well, no, youd be wrong as the pilot proceeded to be just a bit too honest with his message to passengers about the weather.

Day 350

The strange pilot man speaks to us from on high
"the weather is bad"

I've never heard more harmonic sarcastic gasps in my life.

"So if you dont like horrible flights then get off the plane because this one wont be fun"

Thank you for your honesty but like…wut?

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 10, 2018

Day 384

The lights are off, the stench is high, people (if we can even call ourselves that anymore) are quietly growling as the ac finally turns on and begins to harden the pungent sweat against our heated flesh. But the plane is moving. Is this it? Will we finally escape?

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 10, 2018

Day 412

We are coming off the ground. If you find and are reading this then remember me and subscribe to my youtube channel. Breeze prolly runs it now.

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 10, 2018

Day 450

We have arrived. In times of peril one can only hope to be saved or to escape. But as I leave the airplane I realize something. Do I miss it? Was I there so long that it became home? Did it become a part of me? I am changed forever… Goodnight everyone

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 10, 2018

Based on the time stamps on the tweets combined with Woods initial assertion that the plane was supposed to leave a 2:55 p.m., the entire ordeal lasted just under eight hours. Woods didnt provide any information in terms of what flight he was on or where he was headed, so its unknown what airline provided this experience. However, the night of horrors didnt end for Woods when he touched down at his destination. Several minutes later, Woods posted a video of what the line to grab a car looked like outside of the airport.

Day 471

I thought it was over. I thought I had escaped. All of these people are waiting on lyft. It's backed up for miles. The previously hardened sweat from earlier begins to coagulate against my tired flesh. The monster has come with me. I cannot escape it.

— Austin Creed (Its DragonCon Season!) (@XavierWoodsPhD) August 10, 2018

This can only be summed up as “one of those days”.

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