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Superheroes Make The Day Of Local Campers Battling Cancer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Summer camps give children of all ages a chance to become more independent and teach social skills. At one camp, the experience was enriched by some visitors with some pretty special abilities.

Its the focus of this weeks Snapshot New York with Steve Overmyer.

On the day CBS2 visited Sunrise Camp on Staten Island, the campers were on a scavenger hunt. They were racing to the final prize.

Waiting for them was the greatest collection of superheroes — from Spider-Man to Star-Lord to Superman to Green Lantern. The Avengers and the Justice League combined forces.

snapspider Superheroes Make The Day Of Local Campers Battling Cancer

Spider-Man, along with many other superheroes, visited a camp for children with cancer this summer. (Photo: CBS2)

CBS2s Overmyer asked Star-Lord, a.k.a. Peter Quill, what its like for him to take a day off from fighting crime to come out and spend a day with the kids.

“Well, we make sure that the city is nice and safe first, but we know the kids really need it, so its great we can put a smile on their face,” Star-Lord said. “We can make their day, even if its just for a little bit.”

The humble heroes belong in their own super group. They dont just guard our galaxy; they answer the most important questions. Like, as one camper put it, “Does Batman eat bugs?”

“Sometimes,” Captain America responded.

“Ill tell him to stop eating bugs because thats bad,” the camper said.

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On this day, the worlds most famous crime fighters are helping these kids fight their biggest villain — every camper here is fighting cancer.

“When you see what you can do for these kids, you want people to realize that a little goes a long way,” Spider-Man said.

And the moment is not lost on any of the kids.

“They played with me and they talked with me,” one little girl said.

“The most rewarding thing that someone can do is just give up their time for someone else,” Spider-Man said.

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For children with cancer, camps provide both support and the freedom to participate.

Like in a game of dodgeball.

Their interactions are designed to promote healing by lifting the spirits and self esteem. The heroes werent allowed to use their super powers in camp, but Captain Americas shield saved him, until he was forced to surrender.

“Part of fighting crime is improving the world, and we can improve the world by showing people we care,” Captain America said. “These kids are our heroes. Why wouldnt we come out here to see them? Every day theyre struggling and still have a smile on their face. So why cant we do our part?”

When asked why he thinks theres this need for the superhero persona to take hold in America, Captain America said, “The world is changing and theres a lot of evil out there and theres not enough good. I think for all of us to maybe look inside of ourselves and really try to be, not a superhero in the literal sense, but just change somebodys life, make somebodys life a little better.”

“We leave here, I feel as if you are making the world a better place. So if there is on thing to take away from that, its dont be afraid to give,” Spider-Man added.

For more information on Sunrise Day Camp, please click here. To contact the superheroes directly, please click here.

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