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Reporters Asked Kid Rock If Sessions Should Be Fired – He Tells Them They Should Be Fired

Kid Rock will be joining rapper Kanye West and NFL legend Jim Brown at the White House for lunch Thursday with President Donald Trump.

Reporters caught Kid Rock walking into the White House and one shouted a contentious policy question.

One yelled “Should Trump fire Jeff Sessions?” There has long been speculation the Trump will fire his attorney general after multiple public criticisms of the job Sessions is doing.

Kid Rock, who is a staunch Trump supporter, shouted back at the reporters, “Fire you!”

Question outside West Wing: Kid Rock, should Trump fire Jeff Sessions?

Kid Rock answers: fire you!

— Steven Nelson (@stevennelson10) October 11, 2018

Whee. Reporter: “Kid Rock, should President Trump fire Jeff Sessions?”
Kid Rock: “Fire you.”

— Katie Rogers (@katierogers) October 11, 2018

Earlier in the day, Trump called Kanye West, who is also a Trump supporter, a “genius” on Fox & Friends.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The president said of Kanye, “Well, Ill tell you, first of all, I like him a lot. Hes been a friend of mine. Ive known him for a long time. Hes a very different kind of a guy. I say that in a positive way. But he is a different kind of a guy. Those that are in the music business say hes a genius. And thats OK with me, because as far as Im concerned, he is.”


Trump went on to say Kanyes endorsement helped his poll numbers with black Americans.

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