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Exclusive: Parks Department Workers Allege Rampant Intimidation, Abuse From Combative Supervisor

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A bad boss is one thing, but a group of Parks Department workers say theyre being threatened, berated, and abused on a daily basis by an out of control supervisor.

The workers say theyre terrified to go to work and claim nothing is being done despite numerous complaints.

Every time a staff meeting is called for the workers at Worlds Fair Playground in Queens, employees say they hold their breath because they know theres a decent chance theyll be berated by their boss.

“Im telling you right now, nobody is getting paid today,” the abrasive manager is heard yelling on video exclusively obtained by CBS2.

The president of the Parks union says the verbal abuse has gotten so bad, some of her men and women are afraid to even go to work.

“The intimidation in Parks is so insane right now, nothings being done,” said union head Dilcy Benn.

Workers say one particularly offensive rant from the end of September was over someone disconnecting the machine employees use to punch in.

“The last thing I want is BS on payday,” the supervisor is heard screaming. “But somebody is (expletive) with the cable!”

Benn says thats no way to talk to your people.

“Hes been talking like this, cursing at them, theyre not children… theyre grown people,” she said. “Hes not the only supervisor who does this. This is common practice.”

One employee managed to secretly record a particularly harsh rant. The employee wishes to remain anonymous over fear of being fired.

“Everybody is just like, stunned and scared to say something because this is how he talks to people all the time,” the employee said. “I dont wanna come to work.”

CBS2 tried to question the supervisor on Friday, but there was no answer at the park house where it all happened. A department spokesperson wouldnt comment on if any action had been taken against the supervisor, and only said the matter is under investigation.

“This is why they keep continuing to get away with it and get away with it and get away with it, because nothing is done about it ever,” Benn said. “All Im asking is them to treat my members fairly. Thats all I want.”

Benn adds she wants those supervisors to be given sensitivity training and education on how to speak with people. CBS2 once more followed up with the Parks Department, asking if that supervisor caught on camera was disciplined at all and if they feel it was appropriate behavior. So far, they had not yet responded.

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