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Police: Burglar Squats In Bergen County Home, Takes Couples Car On Crime-Filled Joyride

CRESKILL, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Police say a man broke into a New Jersey familys home while they were on vacation, allegedly sleeping in their bed and using their kitchen before taking their car on a crime spree.

Homeowner Hee Song says when she returned home on Tuesday, she found someone made a getaway of their own at the Cresskill house she shares with her husband. Their bathroom was left in disarray, and their kitchen a complete mess.

“He used a lot of spice, a lot of hot pepper, and the fan was on,” Hee Song said.

Not only did he eat their food, but he also slept in their bed. The family found their master bedroom in shambles when they returned from vacation and now theyre hoping insurance will cover a new mattress.

“I have a Playstation, he played with my Playstation game,” Hee Song said. “He used our computer to see the DVD movies.”

Police say 29-year-old Dirk McCalla, originally of the Bronx, stayed at the Songs home at least one night. The couple says they forgot to turn on the alarm system, but believe McCalla got spooked away hours before they returned home.

dirk mccalla Police: Burglar Squats In Bergen County Home, Takes Couples Car On Crime Filled Joyride

Dirk McCalla, 29 (credit: East Rutherford PD)

“He fool around, play around with button, then internal noise… and then he scared, then he just run away driving with my car,” husband Byung Song said.

Later that day, East Rutherford Police arrested McCalla after someone spotted him driving around in Songs red SUV ringing doorbells. The police report details during processing “his sanitary condition was so bad… there was some difficulties standing in close proximity of him.”

“So bad, disgusting,” Hee Song said. “We concerned for our health and we dont know what kind of condition he is.”

The Songs may not be alone. Turns out, after McCalla was released from East Rutherford Police he stole another vehicle there and drove down to Rumson, in Monmouth County. At last check, he was awaiting a court appearance in jail.

For now, the Songs wont return home until everything gets a professional deep cleaning. At least, they say, nothing valuable was stolen.

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