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Poll Shows Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Surging Ahead In Connecticut

Joshua Gill | Religion Reporter

Republican gubernatorial candidate for Connecticut Bob Stefanowskis favorability rating gained a lead of 2.4 percentage points over Democrat Ned Lamont, according to Sacred Heart Universitys poll.

The poll, published Thursday, showed Stefanowski had a net gain of 3.8 percentage points, due mainly to the fact that more voters are making set decisions about their preferred candidates as election day draws nearer. While Stefanowski has gained a lead among likely voters, Sacred Heart clarified that the overall data indicated “a statistical tie” between Lamont and Stefanowski. (RELATED: Connecticuts Republican Governor Makes The Case For Flipping The State In The Midst Of A Tight Race)

MERIDEN, CT – NOVEMBER 7: Democratic candidate Ned Lamont along with his wife Annie (L), concedes the election to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel November 7, 2006 in Meriden, Connecticut. In a highly divisive campaign, Lamont ran against Lieberman, a three-term Democratic incumbent who lost the party primary in August forcing him to run as an independent. (Photo by Bob Falcetti/Getty Images)

Still, Stefanowski appears to be gaining some momentum while Lamont is shown to have polled less favorably with certain demographics than in previous months.

The poll showed 38.4 percent of Connecticut voters have a “favorable” view of Lamont compared to 40.8 percent who have an “unfavorable view” of him, the findings state.

“The poll shows 41.6 percent of likely voters have a favorable view of Stefanowski, while 34.4 percent have an unfavorable view. Voters with a favorable view of Stefanowski increased from 34.9 percent in October,” Sacred Heart said in a press release, according to Fox61. The poll itself, however, shows a a 37.8 percent unfavorable view of him.

Lamonts October favorability rating among women of 50 percent took a major dip to 40.8 percent for November. He also continues to lag behind in support among male voters, with a rating of 34.4 percent, while Stefanowskis approval rating among males holds steady at 45.2 percent.

Democrats hope to maintain trifecta control of Connecticut, which they have had since 2011 with Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy, with the office of the governor and majorities in the states Senate and House of Representatives. History, however, is not on their side, as Connecticut has not elected a governor of the same political party as the outgoing governor since 1924, BallotPedia reports.

Sacred Heart conducted its latest poll among likely voters from Oct. 29 to 31.

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