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KFC Restaurant In North Carolina Explodes In The Middle Of The Night, Just After Employees Leave

A KFC in Eden, North Carolina exploded Thursday morning around 12:35 a.m. soon after employees left the restaurant for the night, Fox 8 reported.

Even though most of the surrounding businesses were damaged by the blast, one surveillance video caught the explosion.

The Eden Police Department got to the scene at 12:40 a.m. and found that no one was inside the building.

“Weve actually searched the building and no one is inside the building which is great,” said Eden Police Chief Greg Light.

An employee told the police they smelled gas when they were closing the store and the manager called the gas company before they left. No one was injured from the blast. (RELATED: Authorities Investigating Florida Shopping Center Explosion That Left Multiple Patients)

Light said he could feel the explosion from two miles away, according to Fox 8. Others in the community shared the same experience and are also grateful no one was hurt from the blast.

A Fox 8 reporter tweeted a picture of a drive-thru window that was thrown 50-feet away from the building during the explosion.

Here is part of, what looks to be, the drive-thru window from KFC. Its about 50 feet away from the building. ⁦

— Daniel Pierce (@DanielDPierce) Read More – Source

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