Woman creates brilliant Instagram account dedicated to outfits her boyfriend hates

We LOVE this account (Pictures: @clothesmyboyfriendhates)

Weve fallen in love with a woman whos created an Instagram account solely modelling clothes her boyfriend hates.

The passive-aggressive account has racked up more than 18,000 followers, and is filled with photos of Olivia Jackson looking gorgeous in a variety of outfits, all featuring clothing her boyfriend doesnt like.

The account was started in March 2018, when Olivia shared a photo of herself in a black leather jacket and velvet skirt.

In the caption, she ticked off all the items her boyfriend hates, with the hashtag #clothesmyboyfriendhates.

This included mustard, velvet, tassels and patent – which funnily enough are all items she loves.

In a recent photo, Olivia shared a photo of her in a rainbow dress – after asking her boyfriend which item of her clothing he hates the most.

And yes, it was that.

Other photos show Olivia rocking *that* Zara dress, which again, her boyfriend is not a fan of (though it seems everyone else is), a gingham dress, cute blazers, Barbie tees and jeans.



Here are a few of our favourite looks from Olivia, much to the dislike of her boyfriend.

*That* Zara dress

Olivias boyfriend called these jeans ridiculous

Apparently hes not a fan of Barbie tees…

Hes not a fan of clashing colours (though we think this looks great)

Apparently he also hates tie-dye…

He called this one a tea towel – ouch

Olivias boyfriend told her this blazer looks like pyjamas

How could he not like this?

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