Woman calls out I Saw It First for dress with a neckline so small that only a grapefruit can fit through it

I Saw It First is being called out for the tiny neckline on this dress (Picture: @phoebe_buchan)

A women has called out I Saw It First for sending her a dress with a neckline so small only a grapefruit could fit through it.

Phoebe Buchan, 19, from Norfolk, had ordered a £17.50 White Dobby Mesh Frill Sleeve mini dress. When it arrived it had a rip in the neck, so she sent it back and ordered a new one.

When the new dress came, Phoebe discovered why the originals neck may have been ripped.

Phoebe tried to try the dress on but found she couldnt stretch the neckline over her head.

The shopper shared photos of her struggles to get the dress on, along with a grapefruit to show just how small the dresss neckline really was.

Phoebe Buchan attempting to try on the I Saw It First dress
Phoebe struggled to get the dress over her head (Picture: @phoebe_buchan)

She tweeted: I received this dress 2 days ago with a ripped neck – not exactly surprised as the second dress I ordered looks like this.



How on earth does anyone with a head wear this? Outfit for my weekend away ruined now. Please see grapefruit for size reference.

The dress is marketed online with an image of it being worn by a model – who appears to have a normal sized head. The neckline also doesnt appear to be holding the models neck in a deathly tight grip. Interesting.

The dress being worn by a model on the I Saw It First website
The dress being worn by a model on the I Saw It First website (Picture: @phoebe_buchan/I Saw It First)

After Phoebe tweeted the brand, I Saw It Firsts customer care team got in touch to say they would look into the issue.

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Weve approached I Saw It First for comment and will update this article if we hear back.

If its any consolation to Phoebe, shes not the only persoRead More – Source

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