Woman chops her wedding dress and dyes it green so she can wear it all the time

A forest location meant Emma Males wedding dress became ripped and muddy (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

After Emma Male, 36, got married, she couldnt bear to put away her wedding dress, never to be worn again.

So she chopped the gown up and dyed it green to transform it into something she could wear again and again.

Emma, an accounts manager and singer from Weybridge, Surrey, now calls the dress her favourite thing to wear when she performs on stage with her band.

Emma married Chris, a 36-year-old video producer, in a woodland-themed wedding in Kent in 2016.

The wedding was pretty casual and involved Emma walking through the woods in flip-flops, leaving her dress ripped and muddy.

Emma Male on her wedding day wearing the original lace gown
Emma couldnt bear to leave her wedding dress going to waste in the back of her wardrobe (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

Having paid £500 for the gown, Emma was determined for it not to go to waste.



She enlisted the help of her creative cousin, Katie, and set about transforming the piece into something she could wear again and again, chopping off the hem and soaking the fabric in green dye.

The end result is a rather lovely khaki midi dress with sheer detailing.

Emma said: I wasnt nervous, its better than leaving it shoved in the back of my wardrobe and Im glad I did it now.

Emma Male's modified wedding dress
The dress after its transformation (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
Emma Males modified wedding dress
All it took was some carefully snipping and a dye job (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

I didnt have a big budget for the wedding so I didnt go around loads of shops trying on dresses because I know it would have been soul-destroying.

Id tried a few cheaper dresses on which were nice, but not amazing.

My friends Adam and Louise had opened a little boutique and they were having a sample sale so I went down.

It was the first designer dress I tried and as soon as I put it on I just loved it.

A musician chopped up her wedding dress and dyed it GREEN to transform it into a frock to wear to perform at a music festival
Emma regularly wears the dress while performing with her band (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

When I first saw it going into the green dye, it looked so dark. I thought ”Oh my god. What am I doing?”

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