Best Mean Girls Halloween costumes and where to get them

Mean Girls is still one of the best teen comedies around (Picture: Paramount)

On October third, Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. And thus the date became iconic.

Mean Girls Day takes place on this date every year and gives us the chance to make grool references to the cult classic more than we do any other day.

Since its release 15 years ago, the teen comedy has been ubiquitous (yes, were all old). And whenever the spookiest night of the year surfaces, out come all the fetch Regina George, Cady Heron, Gretchen Weiner and Karen Smith get-ups.

With so many epic one-liners and immediately recognisable looks, its no wonder so many people choose to go as a character from the film.

You have your choice of secondary characters too, who make it easy to look like you gave your costume some thought without actually working on it too much.



All you need is a hoody to go as Damien, some eyeliner and black attire for Janis and of course, pink for The Plastics.

Theres just so much to work with.

Here are some Mean Girls costumes to wear on Halloween:

The Plastics Santa costume, £40.99, Fun

Womens santa costume
You could get this entire outfit for £40 and not have to worry about accessories (Picture: Fun)

If you want to be as authentic as possible and go for a red leather skirt like The Plastics then Missguided has one for £12.

Regina George costume, £6.99-£10.99, Fun

Woman wearing white vest with holes cut around the breasts, revealing purple bra underneath
Simple, effective (Picture: Fun)

You could create this look by cutting holes in your white vest and wearing a purple bra too.

Regina Georges Halloween costume £35.99-£40.99, Fun

Woman wearing rabbit costume
Yes, rabbits are sexy (Picture: Fun)

Of course, you can be meta and dress up the same way Regina Goerge does for a Halloween party.

Regina on a Wednesday, Pink cardigan, £10.54, Yesstyle

Pink cardigan
Can wear this on any day tbh (Picture: Yesstyle)

A Little Bit Dramatic t-shirt, £13.96, 8Ball

Regina wears a t-shirt with the same line on a Wednesday (Picture: 8Ball)

Its a truth universally acknowledged that on Wednesdays we wear pink. While you can raid your wardrobe for anything that resembles millennial pink, there are also options available to buy online.

Damien, blue hoody, £12, Boohoo

She doesnt even go here (Picture: boohooman)

This is by far the easiest and most subtle ode to the film. Pull the hoody up, draw the strings and pair it with a sign that says she doesnt even go here. Hey presto, youve got yourself a Halloween look.



Cadys Halloween costume, £20.46, Amazon

Maybe avoid the makeup though (Picture: Amazon)

We all died of second-hand embarrassment when Cady walked in dressed as a zombie bride while everyone else went as sexy cats and the like. But this outfit is still pretty universal.

Get some fake teeth, a bloody liquid and some white face paint. We recommend you dont go for Mexican themed make-up though (can you say appropriation?).

Gretchen Weiners Halloween costume, £29.99,

woman wearing latex cat woman costume
Can go as Catwoman the superhero next Halloween (Picture: Fancydress)

Cat ears, £4, Boohoo

cat ears on a woman
Pair the cat outfit with a pair of ears (Picture: boohoo)

She tried to make fetch happen and there was none for Gretchen Weiner but sexy cat costume, which the character wore to the party, has endured throughout the years.

Janis Ian, £21 denim jacket, Boohoo

woman wearing black oversized denim jacket
Trendy (Picture: boohoo)

Hair clips, £8.50, Topshop

hair clips
Useful for any occasion (Picture: Topshop)

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