Will Smith drops Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fashion range and its not just available in West Philadelphia

Chilling out, maxin, relaxin all cool in Will Smith gear (Picture:; NBC)

Will Smith is no longer making trouble in his neighbourhood but is instead venturing into the fashion industry.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air legend has been known for his iconic style throughout the years, notably during the NBC sitcom that shaped the 90s.

If you found yourself admiring the sartorial choices featured on the show, including Wills uniform for his elite private school, then good news.

The actor slash musician has just dropped his limited-edition line of Fresh Prince merch, Bel-Air Athletics.

Soon you could be donning the jazzy inside-out jacket sported by Will on the show.

Also among the line are Bel-Air Academy tracksuits, unisex hoodies, socks, shirts, and a custom basketball with the school crest.

Just in case people werent aware that youre a Fresh Prince stan, some of the T-shirts come with drawings of Will Smith playing basketball.

Fab (Picture:

Will teased fans throughout the year, breaking the news on the Ellen Degeneres Show and later revealing details on Instagram.



On 1 October, the mega Hollywood star officially launched the line.

The collection includes 26 items in total and is available now until 14 October. Prices range from £6 (for a car freshener) to £88 for the Academy track jacket which can be worn on either side, with navy on one side and printed colours on the other.

Will Smith patterned red and blue jacket
Comes with matching trackies (Picture:

British fans of the show are in for a bit of a wait as shipping takes six to eight weeks. So sit tight, folks. If youre buying loads of items then the company may separate your order depending on availability, but at no extra cost.

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Fans on social media are excited. One person wrote: Bel-Air Athletics?! Im listening, while another said: Im not a hooper but that Paisley Shooter Sleeve kinda fire. Im gonna think about these t-shirts and those shorts.

Patterned men's trousers
Trousers to go with the jacket (Picture:

Others are considering whether they should grab it while it lasts: Very much debating dropping $ on the new FresRead More – Source

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