Congress left red-faced as party-backed portal slams ruling

NEW DELHI: Congress found itself red-faced on Sunday after party-backed weekly National Herald published a column on SCs Ayodhya verdict which asked whether the gods would reside in a temple built by force, violence and bloodshed and if prayers of devotees would be addressed at such a place.
The column, which surfaced on the National Herald website on Sunday, immediately attracted criticism from BJP and set off heated exchanges on social media. It was pulled down within hours. While there was no comment or clarification from Congress, the editor-in-chief of National Herald apologised and replaced the offending column shortly after BJP attacked Congress for its duplicitous position on the Ayodhya verdict.
Congress found itself under attack from right-wing critics who claimed the column reflected the “real” face of the party rather than the support to the SC ruling extended by Congress Working Committee. In its apology, National Herald said the views expressed in the article were the personal views of the author and did not reflect the weeklys stance. It also tendered an apology for hurting the sentiments of anyone or any group. “That was not our intention,” it said.
There were other write-ups critical of the SC ruling that seems to contrast with the partys decision to avoid being drawn into a polarising debate on the Ram temple. There has been a view in the party that BJP gains by projecting Congress as aligned with “anti-Hindu” elements and those disparaging the temple.
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