Irish ISIS Bride Lisa Smith in Custody in Dublin: Reports

A 38-year-old woman was arrested in Dublin, Ireland, on Sunday and has been identified as a former Irish soldier who said she went to Syria to marry an ISIS terrorist.

Irish Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said in a statement that Lisa Smith was deported from Turkey with her young daughter.

“On her arrival in Dublin, Lisa Smith was met by An Garda Síochána,” Irish Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan told CNN. She used the Irish name for the national police force.

“This is a sensitive case and I want to reassure people that all relevant state agencies are closely involved,” she added.

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney told RTE on Sunday that officials are working to ensure “primarily the safety of a two-year-old little girl who was in a warzone, and for much of that time in a camp that we know from UNICEF reports was extremely dangerous for children.”

The childs welfare will also be looked into, he said.

Coveney added: “For people who are rightly concerned and asking questions about a two-year-old little girl who wasnt born in Ireland but who is an Irish citizen—Tusla have been working with An Garda Síochána and with Lisa Smiths wider family to ensure that her welfare is looked after.”

He added: “Its up to the DPP to determine on the back of a report from An Garda Síochána as to whether they can take a case successfully against Lisa Smith. I think its important to leave that process take its course.”

Earlier this year, Smith was interviewed at a camp in northern Syria, saying that she wanted to go back to Ireland.

“Not all people here are terrorists they are ordinary people that made mistakes,” Smith told CNN at the time. If she returned, “I know theyd strip me of my passport and stuff and I wouldnt travel and Id be watched kinda … but prison? I dont know. Im already in prison,” she added.

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