Hydrogen vehicles to sport H2GAS identification mark

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NEW DELHI: Hydrogen-fuelled vehicles will have a separate identification mark as in the case of CNG vehicles for easy recognition. The identification mark will mention H2GAS in white on a red background.
The road transport ministry on Friday issued a draft notification proposing to include standards for safety evaluation of hydrogen fuel cell propelled passenger vehicles (cars and above) and trucks as well. The ministry said the standards would be in accordance with Automotive Industry Standards (AIS) 157 of 2020 till the BIS specification is notified.
This comes at a time when the government is focussing on zero-emission vehicles.
The AIS norms specify the compliance norms keeping in mind the safety requirement of these vehicles. It says, “Vehicle identification labels must be used to indicate to rescue services that the vehicle is powered by hydrogen and compressed gaseous hydrogen.”
According to the standard, the petroleum and explosive safety regulator, PESO may evaluate hydrogen cylinders based on BIS Standards. It also specifies that the hydrogen supply line must be secured with an automatic shut-off valve mounted directly on or within the container. “In the event of an accident, the automatic shut-off valve mounted directly on or within the container shall interrupt the flow of gas from the container,” thRead More – Source

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