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Fur-ever home: Dogs destined for Chinese meat trade land in NYC

These pups just got a new leash on life.

A plane-load of dogs who were rescued from being killed for China’s canine meat trade landed at JFK Airport Friday — and were soon on their way to their forever homes.

Shortly after the Air China plane arrived from Beijing in the late afternoon, the 34 eager rescue dogs were given water and treats and then got to meet the Americans waiting to adopt them.

“I’m feeling amazing — I can’t wait to get home,” Carly Weinstein told The Post as she drove away from the airport with one of the saved pups, a miniature poodle, Lola.

“It’s an amazing Christmas gift,” Weinstein, 20, of North Jersey, said of the petite pooch she had waited to meet for close to six months. “The best.”

“I’m going to love her with all my heart,” another new dog owner, Auxence Goullier, 11, told The Post of the family’s new poodle, Cherry.

“It is a great feeling, holding him, knowing what could have happened if he wasn’t rescued,” Laura O’Keefe of West Islip said of Chevy, a happy mutt.

A second flight bearing 45 dogs is due to land on Saturday, all courtesy of the pet-rescue organization No Dogs Left Behind, which operates a shelter in Beijing and saves pups from China’s meat trade.

“Thirty-four survivors have landed from the brutality of China’s illegal dog trafficking!” Jeff Bari, who heads the organization, announced as the crated dogs were being offloaded.

“No Dogs Left Behind fights the fight on the front lines,” he said as the dogs yipped and howled behind him, and the dog lovers who will take them home waited with water, duck jerky and sweet potato treats.

“The good fight,” Bari added. “Global animal welfare laws are in order, and until that happens, we will continue to fight. We will sanction and we will boycott until change happens.”

The canine rescue organization is planning to bring as many as 135 dogs into the country from China by early 2021.

“All of the adopters have been waiting since last January for their dogs to come home to freedom, safety and love,” volunteer Maura Platz said of the shipment of retrievers, corgis, poodles, Pomeranians, dachshunds and plain ol’ mutts on an Air China flight that landed Friday.

The airline had to break the pack up into two shipments to ensure the oxygen in the plane’s cargo hold would remain at a safe level.

Sadly, seven dogs that were supposed to be part of this flight died in China and didn’t make the trip.

No Dogs Left Behind officials were given no explanation for the missing dogs; the organization has begun an investigation and has informed the families that were waiting to adopt them.

Beri and his team have saved thousands of dogs since 2017 from cruel, torturous deaths by targeting slaughterhouses, wet markets, traffickers and illegal breeders across China.

They saved the dogs by confronting the illegal traffickers in China and threatening to turn them in to face high fines from Chinese authorities if they don’t hand the dogs over for adoption. They had to go as far as using drones to find the meat sellers and the dogs.


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