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Scientists Alarm Over Negative News On Amazon – What You Need To Know

Amazon, the latest news that arrive are not at all positive, so much so that scientists have launched a real alarm.

From how you could understand the situation is not the best at all. A team of scientists thinks that Amazon, within a few years, can become a real grassy savannah. In this way the effects on the general climate could be devastating as well as harmful. So much so that they wanted to appoint everything as “the lungs of the earth”. The well -known ‘New York Times’ newspaper says it. It is not over here since, these estimates can get more and more aggravate with the passage of time.

The danger lies in the fact that the Amazon is almost as large as the United States of America. This is what the ‘Times’ says: “Regional differences in terms of rainfall, temperature, flora and extension of deforestation and agriculture”. In the meantime Luciana Vanni Gatti, atmosphere chemistry, wanted to carry out experiments. And the results speak all too clear. His study was dedicated to how much carbon was losing the rainforest.

Amazon, Arriving Dangers: Scientists’ Alarm

The doctor developed seven different ways to calculate the effect of wind flows and the composition of the air above the Atlantic Ocean. So much to be able to photograph in what was happening in almost 80% of the forest. The results created a large alarm bell since the “pulmonary system” of the earth was emitting greenhouse gases in important quantities. In this way the on fire trees tend to release a very high percentage of carbon monoxide emissions.

In the meantime, the same ‘Times’ wanted to let it know that in drier and warmer conditions, even the Amazonal trees will be able to lose leaves to save water and inhibiting photosynthesis. For Carlos Nobre, Brazilian scientist, if the deforestation were to reach 20% of the original area, the rivers will tend to weaken. Within decades he can turn into a real savannah. In short, at all excellent news.

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