Colour Trends 2023: 5 shades to buy now and wear in 2023

The Fall Winter 2022 sales have just begun and we are ready to invest in the trendy colors of Spring Summer 2023: Green, red, white, yellow and brown. Nuances that are safe and less seen will enter our wardrobe in the hot season, so why not take advantage of favorable prices for a white cashmere sweater, a long yellow skirt, a brown dress, green trousers or a red mini-dress?

We know that sales can cause a certain shopping excitement but this mix of emotions can lead us to buy not exactly every day or evergreen pieces. The shirt is a timeless classic chosen in a warm yellow, it can enhance the tanned complexion and be perfect even in the summer, perhaps oversized and combined with a pair of shorts. Cigarette trousers may seem like an uncool choice, but they are also a piece that always works in the summer wardrobe, especially if you choose an unexpected color such as emerald green, perfect for combining with a simple white t-shirt and a blazer in a neutral color even for a day at the office. A cashmere jumper can be useful on summer evenings especially on a boat or on the islands where the temperature drops considerably compared to the day, so why not buy it on sale in a timeless color like white? An investment that will certainly be exploited in the years to come. To focus on a certain investment we can choose a coat with classic lines, perhaps from the 70s so as not to fall into the banal in an evergreen color such as military green to be placed in the wardrobe directly for winter 2023 and perhaps worn in March on still chilly evenings . Another unmissable piece for the sales is a pencil skirt perhaps in brown to wear with a pair of boots and a blazer throughout spring 2023.

In the summer it often happens to participate in birthdays, weddings and parties under the stars and sometimes you have to run to buy a last-second dress. Knowing what the trendy colors of Spring Summer 2023 will be we can easily help you in search of the perfect garment.
For the wedding we will have to attend in spring or summer, we can choose a dress calmly at the sales so as not to have to invest capital in a panic. Firstly read the invitation carefully to understand the degree of elegance and the location and then focus on a suitable shape, a yellow shoulder bag like that of Luisa Spagnoli for example can be a perfect choice for an elegant ceremony. The green top by Emporio Armani combined with a pair of baggy trousers in a contrasting color like electric blue can be a super chic solution with the advantage that the pieces can be combined individually. In an easier way they can also be good for other occasions.

Those who already know that their best friend will turn 30 or 40 can go ahead with the purchase of the right evening dress for the occasion, also in this case knowing the dress code is a great help even if knowing her you can imagine whether it is better to focus on a sexy dress for an evening at the club or a super elegant long dress for a relaxed dinner. In both cases, red is undoubtedly a spot-on colour that suits everyone and gives the idea of a party.

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