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Mysterious Alien Ant Discovered In New York

There are more than 10,000 known ant species on our planet, but a very particular specimen, as well as a species unknown to science, was found by biologists in the medians of Broadway between 63rd and 76th streets in New York. Yes, you read that correctly.

 From Where to Come The Insect?

The insect appears to have come from Europe, but so far scientists haven’t been able to compare it to any of the known species (which, by the way, are driven by a single, large, brain). “It’s new to North America and we believe it’s new to the world,” biologist Rob Dunn told the New York Post. The ant doesn’t yet have a scientific name, but it has been affectionately nicknamed the “Manhatt Ant.”

Most likely the creature has adapted to survive the urban environment of New York and it would not be the first time that a unique species has been found within the crowded streets of the Big Apple. Natural selection has in fact made room for animals that can thrive in the urban jungle and, given enough time, these creatures have in turn formed new species.

Dunn, imagine, stumbled across the “Manhattan Ant” during a break from class at Columbia University. His lab is now investigating the insect further: So far they have found that New York ants have a higher concentration of carbon in their bodies, likely indicative of a diet high in corn syrup.

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