Karen Schwarz 39th Birthday In New York: Instagram Message

karen schwarz turned 39 and celebrated it in New York City, USA, where she traveled with Ezio Oliva, her husband and their two young daughters. The TV host shared photos from the celebration and a lengthy thank you message on Instagram.

My 39 years… So much time looking for what we lack and what we want, when we have everything at home and with ours. Thank you God for allowing me to reach 39 years old and surrounded by so much love, this real and honest love that begins with personal love.”he first declared.

“I confess that for a long time I lived hand to mouth, trying to accomplish everything, breaking myself into 25 pieces and trying to meet other people’s expectations in every aspect and not mine, a big mistake. No more! I love being a mother, I love being a wife, I love my family.” he added.

The former Miss Peru also underlined: “I love this new facet of the profession, I love driving, but above all I discovered and learned that the greatest love is his. Connecting with my family from the depths is what makes me happy and what fills me with emotions.

Finally, he indicated: “Time cannot devour us, we must distribute it to do what makes us live without neglecting what we love the most. I reached 39 stronger and grateful for so many things. Thank you for all your kind regards.

Immediately, his followers and well-known characters from local show business, such as Magdyel Ugaz, Rebeca Escribns, Mónica Cabrejos and many others, reacted to his words and expressed congratulations to him on his birthday in the comments of the publication.

Announcement of Karen Schwarz

Karen Schwarz has announced that he will no longer be part of Latina Televisión. The presenter shared a moving message with her followers on social media, where she expressed her gratitude to the Avenida San Felipe TV house where she worked for more than a decade.

“Close the chapters. Thank you Latina. And so 11 years have passed since I started on TV. I came on as Karen and I leave calling myself ‘mom’, I came on the channel alone and now i am accompanied by my fat women, i arrived single and i am leaving hand in hand with the love of my life, ”wrote.

Karen leaves Latina Televisión after the finale of “La Voz Generaciones”, where she shared roles with host Cristian Rivero. Ezio Oliva’s wife has been part of the various Latina television projects such as “Yo Soy”, “Yo Soy Kids”, “The Senior Voice”, among others.

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