Eco-Friendly French Nuggets: Tax Savings For Investors

We start with good news for teachers. The revaluation of their remuneration, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise, is in the process of being implemented. Last Tuesday, the Ministry of National Education presented the unions with two scenarios to implement the unconditional increase in teachers’ salaries, which will then be accompanied by a revaluation subject to the achievement of new missions. Find out in our article how much teachers could earn thanks to the first basic increase in their remuneration, depending on the scenario chosen.

We continue with the number of the day: number 1. Paris has once again become the most attractive city for wealthy people looking for luxury real estate in 2023. According to the Barnes City Index, which defines the 50 the most requested cities by customers of the branch network, the French capital is ahead of three American cities: Miami, New York, Austin (in Texas), as well as Dubai. Several phenomena explain this interest of the very rich for Parisian stone. First of all Brexit, which attracts many Anglo-Saxon and French expatriate executives. The weakness of the euro against the dollar, then, also boosted the desires of foreign buyers to buy a pied-à-terre in the beautiful districts of the capital.

We continue with the practical information. It concerns owners of real estate. From now on, these assets are listed on the website of the tax administration, in the section “Manage my real estate”. And Bercy imposes a new obligation on owners. They have until June 30, 2023 to declare the occupancy status of their property online. If the accommodation is rented, this requires providing additional information. You must indicate the name of the tenant, the date of entry into the apartment, etc.

And finally, the word of the day: start-up. While inflation is still raging, investing in these companies can yield annual returns above 10% on average. Provided, of course, that you accept a big risk, these young shoots exposing you in particular to a high probability of loss of the capital invested. This bet, the French are every day more numerous to make it. And this, by betting mainly on hexagonal unicorns, as revealed by the study of the Caption platform, unveiled exclusively by Capital.

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